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straight for equality: trans allies learning sessions

Our mission at Straight for Equality is to invite, educate, and engage allies in dialogue about LGBTQ+ equality and to encourage allies to take action to demonstrate their support for their LGBTQ+ friends and family. One way we accomplish that mission is through learning sessions that are researched, developed, and conducted by members of the PFLAG National staff.

Be a part the discussion about transgender inclusion, the role that trans allies can play and how to create engagement to build inclusion through our Straight for Equality educational programs. Let us know if you’d like more information on hosting a Straight for Equality educational program at your organization, whether in person or via online learning.

Straight for Equality in the Workplace: Becoming a Trans Ally and Going Beyond the Binary: People who are transgender and nonbinary report higher rates of discrimination at work than gay and lesbian individuals. Participants start by understanding and contextualizing key terminology, learning more about the role that gender stereotypes play in bias against people who are trans and nonbinary, and finding out about research that demonstrates the widespread harms of this bias. They’ll also discuss pronouns, how to use them, and what to do when people resist. Most importantly, participants will learn how to be better allies to people who are transgender and nonbinary. An advanced version of this session is available. Contact us to learn more!

Straight for Equality in the Workplace Educational Programs: Check out our workplace educational programs to learn how the Straight for Equality team can help with your LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts in your organization. Email [email protected] to learn more about how sessions outlined in the 2021 Straight for Equality in the Workplace Learning Session Catalog can be customized meet your needs.