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Talking Inclusively: March 2017

Welcome to Talking Inclusively, a monthly series designed by PFLAG National's Straight for Equality program to create conversation about intersectionality, LGBTQ+ issues, inclusion and more! Each month we’ll offer an article on diverse topics and suggest a few questions that you can use to lead a discussion focused on how we can make space that is more welcoming for everyone.

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This month’s article:

When We Rise Will Be Your Intersectional Syllabus for the Next 4 Years


Author: R.A. FARLEY

Questions for Discussion:

For this month's Talking Inclusively, we're using the TV miniseries, When We Rise to start the discussion. If you haven't watched it yet (you should!), it is available OnDemand from ABC and on Hulu.

  1. Did you know anything about the show's lead characters (Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, and Ken Jones) before watching the miniseries / reading this article? What do their stories demonstrate to viewers about intersectional identities?
  2. One of the strengths of the series was that it included the stories of individuals who are often not featured in LGBTQ+ history narratives, including:

How many of these individuals did you know prior to seeing the film? Why might they have been less visible than others in LGBTQ+ history stories?

  1. This story was often told from the perspective of Cleve Jones, a white, politically active, gay, man living in San Francisco. If the story was told from a different perspective how would it differ? Why?