straight for equality
learning sessions for pflag chapters

Getting more familiar with what new allies need to become advocates for equality is easy. PFLAG's Learning & Inclusion team has developed dozes of learning sessions that can help to shape your chapter's ally engagement efforts. If you have questions, please contact 

Recent PFLAG Academy Online sessions that feature the Straight for Equality program include: 

What Would You Do?: Tips and Tools for PFLAGers and Allies in Tough Situations: Active and visible allyship is going to be more significant than ever and as PFLAGers it is important to model the behavior we hope to see in others. But sometimes even the most dedicated ally can run in to situations where they’re not sure how to react or whether a reaction is even warranted. Straight for Equality is here to help.

Straight for Equality in Faith Communities for PFLAG Chapters: As we continue to hear a public narrative that treats LGBTQ people and their allies and people of faith as mutually exclusive groups, PFLAGers recognize that this is not true and continue their work to ensure that equality moves forward in faith communities for people who are LGBTQ, their families, friends, and allies. 

Straight for Equality: So You Think You Can Ally?: When it comes to allies, how do you motivate someone with no (apparent) connection to equality issues? What kinds of programs can PFLAG chapters do to interest these next-gen allies? And how can you find ways for new allies to become part of your chapter?

Straight for Equality: Becoming a Trans Ally: The inclusion of people who are transgender has been a long-term commitment for PFLAGers. And we’re proud to announce the release of a new publication that will help you and your chapter invite, educate, and engage new people to become allies to the trans community.

Straight for Equality Discussion Series: 

Something to Talk About and Talking Inclusively are monthly discussion series for organizations looking for ways to keep the conversation going about LGBTQ and ally issues all year long and perfect for PFLAG Chapters! Find articles on LGBTQ topics, intersectionality, diversity, inclusion and more and a few questions that can be used to frame lead a group discussion. 

Something to Talk About

Talking Inclusively

Past learning sessions for PFLAG chapters include: 

  • Straight for Equality: How to Be an Ally  
  • I'm Not LGBT...Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Advanced Ally Skills
  • The Care and Feeding of Straight Allies: Creating Effective Programs for PFLAG Chapters
  • You’re Invited: Engaging New Allies in Your Community
  • Finding a Cure for LGBT Healthcare Disparities: Straight for Equality in Healthcare for PFLAG Chapters

Let us know if you’d like to host one of these learning sessions at your next state or regional conference or if you’re interested in web-based learning options for your chapter!