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Straight for Equality has a three-part mission: to invite, educate, and engage new allies for equality. The way we meet the second part of that mission is through our project modules that focus on specific issue areas. Check out our current modules to learn more about how allies can be more engaged and effective in these areas.

Straight for Equality in the Workplace: Since its inception, more than 20,000 people have participated in Straight for Equality in the Workplace trainings in over 140 organizations nationwide. Its non-political, non-confrontational approach is a unique addition to workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. Through Straight for Equality in the Workplace companies and organizations can learn the benefits of diversity and inclusion, how to engage straight allies, and how to go from policy change to real culture change.

Straight for Equality in Healthcare: After hearing from a number of healthcare providers looking for information about how to best serve their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) patients, Straight for Equality in Healthcare was born. Through Straight for Equality in Healthcare doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals can learn how to create a welcoming environment in their practice and small ways that they can advance equality for all. Our materials, training, and resources will help them provide a better healthcare experience for their LGBTQ+ patients.

Straight for Equality in Faith Communities: Talking about LGBTQ+ people and faith issues remains one of the biggest challenges for straight allies. Many people feel that finding resolution between the two areas is impossible; others find that it is just too controversial to take on. Straight for Equality in Faith Communities offers a new approach to the topic and specific ways to express support no matter how conservative (or liberal) your faith tradition is.

Straight for Equality: Trans Allies: For many allies, familiarity with lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, and the issues that they face, is increasingly common. And yet, when we discuss inclusion of our transgender and non-binary friends, that level of familiarity is very different. Continuing your ally journey to become an educated, out, and proud trans ally takes specific resources and support…and this is where you can start.

Straight for Equality for PFLAG Chapters: Straight for Equality in a project of PFLAG National and could not be successful without our work with PFLAG chapters all across the country. With more than 400 chapters located in all 50 states PFLAG Chapters bring the message of Straight for Equality to their communities through local events and programs.