straight for equality
action items for everyday allies

Everyday allies know that just feeling supportive of equality isn’t enough to make them allies – taking action is the real proof of their commitment. Try out these action items we’ve developed for everyday allies. 

Encourage Your Personal Network to Sign the Straight for Equality Pledge
Sign The Straight for Equality Pledge -- and get five friends to do the same. This is a great way to show your support for your LGBTQ+ friends and make a commitment to being an out ally. Just signed? Why not post the link on your Facebook page to get started.

Take an “I am an ally because…” or an "As a trans ally I will..." Photo
Check out our “I am an ally because…” and "As a trans ally I will..." photo campaigns. If you would like to participate you can download and print a card, fill it out, and submit a photo to [email protected]. Want to go even bigger? Contact us to find out how to set up a photo drive to get more people to share their ally pride!

Watch "Straight for Equality: So You Think You Can Ally"
This 60 minute webinar, from PFLAG Academy Online, is a great way to learn more about PFLAG’s theory of change and how it helped inform the creation of the Straight for Equality program, build your ally skills, and consider ways to continue your ally journey by engaging others.