straight for equality
the straight ally spectrum

Straight for Equality is a neat little project of PFLAG National designed to invite, educate, and engage straight allies in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality.

While for some people, being an ally feels like a title that's been with them forever, most straight allies have a journey to becoming supportive, out, and proud allies for equality. Many are inspired to take the ally journey because of a specific event -- a friend coming out to them, for example. Some find that it is just learning more about an issue, like marriage equality that inspires them.

Figuring out where you are on the Ally Spectrum will help connect you with the right resources, tools, and support to move forward and become a great advocate for equality.

So where do you fall on the Straight for Equality Ally Spectrum? Are you:

  • The New Ally
    A New Ally is someone who wants to learn more about the issues that affect the LGBT community and would like to overcome their own challenges when it comes to talking about these issues. New allies want be supportive of the LGBT people in their lives but are not always sure of how to do it.
  • The Everyday Ally
    An Everyday Ally is someone who is comfortable with LGBT issues but feels like he or she could always learn more. Everyday Allies will speak up when they hear something inappropriate, but often look for even more effective ways to support their LGBT friends, family, classmates, or coworkers.
  • The Super Ally
    A Super Ally comes to the spectrum, Pride flag in hand, and is a powerful advocate for change personally, socially, and sometimes even politically. Super Allies often don't shy away from the politics or the debate, are part of LGBT organizations in their communities, and are always looking for new ways to fight for equality.

Use the resources in this section to expedite your straight ally journey. And know that no matter where you fit on the straight ally spectrum your contributions are meaningful and important. Forty years of experience has taught us that no two allies are the same and that there is no "right" way to support fairness and equal opportunities for all people. Regardless of what brought you here, wecome to the Straight Ally Spectrum...Straight for Equality is here to help.